Indian Lake to hold annual Ring of Fire Sunday


Indian Lake will hold the annual Ring of Fire on Sunday.

The Ring of Fire marks the end of summer but is also meant to welcome the beginning of fall. The Ring of Fire is inspired by an American Indian tradition. It has been celebrated at Indian Lake since 1965. Then board member A.M. Brown presented the idea of a “Red Flare Spectacular” to Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce President Warren Edward, and that’s how the annual event began.

The Grimes Flying Lab, from Urbana, will start the night with its beautiful plane of lights circling around 8:40 p.m.

At 9 p.m. sharp, 12,000 LED flares will illuminate the entire Indian Lake and create a red glow on the lake. Fireworks will be set off by residents from all over the lake.

President of the Indian Lake Chamber, Amber Fagan, explains this year’s annual Ring Of Fire:

The flares may represent you, your business, or the memory of a loved one.

Volunteers from the Indian Lake High School Key Club place and light the flares around the spillway, bike path, Fox Island, and Old Field Beach.

Fagan encourages lakeside residents to get flares ahead of time as some businesses that are selling flares will be closing early on the weekend. You can purchase flares at Aries Pharmacy, Winner’s Lakeview Market, Bud’s Marine, Spend-A-Day Marina, Lakeside Pro Bass Shop, and Gene’s Marine, Bait & Tackle.

Fagan tells about the sponsors of the event and where to get flares for the Ring of Fire: