Judge Braig Sends Drug Dealer to Prison


Logan County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin P. Braig today sentenced Tiffany Haynes to a 6-to-9-year prison term on her convictions on charges of aggravated trafficking in drugs, a felony of the second degree, and aggravated possession of drugs, a felony of the third-degree.

In late October of 2022, Task Force Officers arrested Haynes for aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine, a second-degree felony. Compliance Officers with the Logan County Court of Common Pleas searched her home, where they recovered 6.9 grams of meth.

Judge Braig found that Haynes committed the offenses as part of organized crime. A presentence investigation report stated that Haynes sold over 14 grams of methamphetamine on two occasions in the presence of minors. The criminal activity occurred at a house on the north side of Indian Lake that became a nest of criminal activity. The report indicated that Haynes sold the methamphetamine in large chunks. “That one was huge, I didn’t want to break up the big pieces,” Haynes told one of her buyers according to the report. “I am not selling to very many people. If you’re not buying at least a quarter, I am not selling.”

Haynes was participating in the Court’s Adult Recovery Court (ARC) at the time she committed the offenses. Just a few months prior to being arrested on the charges, Haynes participated in a whitewater rafting trip on the New River in West Virginia with members of the ARC treatment team, including Judge Braig. The presentence investigation report indicated Haynes laughed with her buyer when she mentioned that she was in the ARC program.

“We know that not everybody who enters ARC will complete it successfully,” Judge Braig said. “Many people take advantage of the efforts and resources provided by the treatment team to recover from a substance use disorder, grow, and lead compliant and better lives. Obviously, the outcome in Ms. Haynes’ case is disappointing. The outcome is within the range of possible outcomes. But it is on the extreme side of the negative outcomes. We remain committed and enthusiastic about helping people with substance abuse disorders transform their lives.”

Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart and Haynes’ defense counsel, John Cunningham, recommended a lighter sentence. Judge Braig did not accept the recommendation.

“Under the totality of the circumstances of this case, it is the view of the Court that a stiffer sanction is both necessary and appropriate,” Judge Braig said.