K9 Joins Logan County Sheriff’s Department


There’s a new officer at the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

She’s cute, 18 months old, and might just lick you a little bit.

Until it’s time to go to work.

Then she’s fierce and focused on the job at hand.

After over 300 hours of training and certifications, K9 Tega has joined the ranks with her handler, Deputy Josh Core.

In the 6 weeks on the job, she has alerted/assisted in over 12 incidents, where action was taken, right here in Logan County.

Tega was donated to the department and has a value of over $8,000.  She was donated by Talerie Brown, from Old Stage Kennels in Waynesville, Ohio.

A new vehicle was purchased to help aid Core and Tega. It’s being tricked out with all the bells and whistles by a donation-based group. Protection4paws Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Their commitment is driven by a passion for K9s and a deep respect for Law Enforcement Officers. Their mission revolves around supplying essential lifesaving equipment to K9 Teams nationwide who might otherwise face challenges in acquiring such crucial gear. Find more information about Protection4paws HERE.

Core says that while this experience has been great, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. He now focuses on Tega and what she is indicating. The duo attends ongoing training weekly to keep their skills sharp and continue their education.

Tega is set to make her first public appearance at the Logan County Law Enforcement Easter Egg Hunt at the Logan County Fair Grounds on Saturday, March 16th at Noon.