Kenton man busted for drug possession


A Bellefontaine police officer noticed a suspicious driver while out on patrol Saturday evening at around 5:30 pm. When passing the officer, the driver sped up and took the entrance to an alleyway beside 513 Hamilton Street very quickly.

The vehicle was found parked behind a house in the alley. After running the license plate through the system, the officer discovered that the driver, Cody Coil, 28 of Kenton, had a suspended driver’s license and two felony warrants through the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Coil exited the vehicle. The officer asked Coil if he knew that his driver’s license was suspended, and he stated that he did. When asked if he knew he had warrants out for his arrest, he said, “Umm, I do now.”

Coil was placed in handcuffs and detained until the warrants were confirmed.

While waiting for confirmation of the warrants, police asked Coil if there was anything illegal inside the car. He admitted that yes, there were a lot of “carts,” along with some wax, marijuana products, and two crack pipes.

Police patted Coil down and removed a vape pen from his pocket.

After searching the vehicle, officers found 19 THC vape cartridges, 12 THC wax packages, eight bags of THC edibles, four glass containers of marijuana cigarettes, a bag of THC tea drink mix, a crack pipe, a chore boy, and a grinder.

Coil was then transported to the Logan County Jail. The total weights of the contraband came to 12 grams of solid hash, 317 grams of raw hash, and 22 grams of liquid hash.

Coil was charged with two counts of possession of drugs, felonies of the 5th degree, one count of possession of drugs, a felony of the 3rd degree, and two counts of failure to appear.