Kopus, Price named Riverside Seniors of the Month


Riverside High School recently announced its seniors of the month.

Name: Audrey Kopus

Parents: Tammy Kopus

School activities & awards: Business Professionals of America, National Honors Society, Student Council, Junior class officer, school-to-work, academic excellence in English and Media.

If I were principal for a day: I would have a day full of serotonin, such as karaoke, dancing, and really anything to let the students just have an off day to feel alive and have fun.

Favorite school memory: My favorite school memory is probably my whole freshman year of high school, everything was so fresh and new I had a blast with the staff and upperclassmen.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: People who have had a huge impact on me would be my Grandparents, as they inspire me to go for what my heart desires, as well as my teachers Mrs. Weadock, Mrs. Fleming, and Mrs. Marks.

Lately, I have been reading: Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval by Kimberly Beekman

My advice to parents: Let your children make mistakes and go through the trials and tribulations of life, one can’t protect their child from everything, even if they want to. It’s good to let them create their own path as they write their story.

My biggest regret: I don’t really have any regrets besides taking a little more time to really enjoy the moment and not burning myself out so soon.

Most embarrassing moment: I’ve had so many embarrassing moments but not embarrassing enough since I can’t recall any!

Next year I will be: Attending Grand Canyon University to study biology with a pre-dentistry minor.

Name: Lane Price

Parents: Nathan and Danielle Price

School activities & awards: FFA Vice President, and BPA

If I were principal for a day: I would cancel school.

Favorite school memory: Getting 2nd place at BPA Regionals with my best friend.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My dad.

Lately, I have been reading: The Bible

My advice to parents: Let your kids do things, but when they mess up make sure that you correct them.

My biggest regret: Not trying my hardest in my Freshman and Sophomore year.

Most embarrassing moment: There are so many that I don’t know what to choose from.

Next year I will be: Continuing to work at Regal.