Lakeview man arrested after 3-hour standoff


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Lakeview man Sunday after a standoff at his home.

Deputies responded to Acheson’s Resort for an assault.

Two men reported that Logan Fischer, 33, of Lakeview, asked one of them if they had his money. Then he told them to buy him a long island iced tea. The men refused and began to leave.

Fischer then went out to the parking lot and punched one of the men. The other man intervened and Fisher pulled a knife and cut his face. Fischer then got in his vehicle and almost hit one of the men as he was leaving.

A third witness gave deputies the same story.

The owner of Acheson’s said Fischer was a problem from when he arrived trying to bring in beer that they didn’t sell and he was not wearing a shirt. He was asked to leave.

Deputies went to Fischer’s home on North Oak Street in Lakeview about 4:30 p.m.

Fischer was on the porch, but when he saw deputies he went inside.

Authorities gave orders to Fischer to come out with his hands up. There was no response.

Additional units were called to set up a perimeter.

Neighborhood homes were notified and evacuated.

Multiple attempts were made over a PA system in an attempt to get Fischer to come out.

During this time, deputies were notified that another male was inside the home. Multiple attempts were made to get him to come out, but there was no response.

The Sheriff’s Office called in the Union/Logan County Joint Special Response Team. As the SRT arrived Fischer and the other male, Gage Larrick, both exited the residence on their own just before 8:00 p.m.

Fischer told deputies he didn’t know they were outside. He denied cutting anyone with a knife. He said the two males started the fight at Acheson’s.

Police recovered two knives from their search. One was in Fischer’s vehicle and the other inside the house.

Fischer faces numerous charges including felonious assault. He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.