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This week I caught up with Anna Louden from the Logan County Visitors Bureau:


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The Logan County Visitors Bureau, led by Director Anna Louden since June 2022, is unwavering in its commitment to position Logan County as a top-tier destination for tourism. Focused on delivering positive and diverse experiences throughout the entire county, the Logan County Visitors Bureau plays a pivotal role in promoting the region’s attractions and businesses as well as striving to provide visitors with a positive and diverse experience throughout the entire County.

Anna Louden expressed her dedication to this mission: “Our goal is to ensure that visitors, whether locals or tourists have a memorable and enriching experience when exploring Logan County.”

Guided by the Visitor’s Bureau Council, the 2024 Chair, Monica Hurst (Indian Lake – Owner, Spend-A-Day Marina), Vice Chair JD Harshfield (Ohio Caverns), and Secretary Shannon Reese (Indian Lake School Board/Small Nation), alongside nine other voting members, form a robust team actively working to bolster countywide tourism.

Although housed within the Logan County Chamber (100 S. Main), the Visitors Bureau operates as a separate entity, funded by the bed tax. Bed Tax is a lodging tax, charged to transient guests occupying a room or rooms with sleeping accommodations in a lodging establishment.

Major projects undertaken by the Logan County Visitors Bureau include Best of LoCo, Coffee Trail, Ice Cream Trail, Pizza Bracket, and Tourism Week. These initiatives serve as catalysts for exploration, inviting both tourists and locals to discover the diverse offerings within the county.

Highlighting the importance of community collaboration, Louden stated, “Our projects and trails are designed to not only attract visitors but also to benefit local businesses. The success of our local enterprises is integral to showcasing the unique charm of Logan County.”

The Logan County Visitors Bureau actively partners with local community organizations to support and promote community events. Louden emphasized the significance of these collaborations, saying, “We want to support groups that contribute to driving tourism in the area; these community organizations play a vital role in the vibrancy of Logan County.”

Among the recent projects is the installation of countywide kiosks, placed around Logan County in partnership with local community organizations. These kiosks aim to promote local businesses and attractions, offering visitors a comprehensive guide and contributing to the unique branding of Logan County. There were a total of six placed late this fall; two at Indian Lake, two in Bellefontaine, and two in West Liberty.

The Logan County Visitors Bureau creates an annual visitor guide, featuring businesses impacted by tourism, which is distributed widely, reaching not only throughout the state but also in surrounding states. The Visitors Bureau also has a presence at several travel shows throughout the year to get the opportunity to talk face-to-face with potential tourists interested in visiting.

Recognizing the importance of Logan County’s campgrounds, especially the Indian Lake State Park Campground, Louden shared, “Our goal is to collaborate closely with them to ensure campers experience the entirety of our county.”

As the Logan County Visitors Bureau eagerly anticipates the upcoming year, excitement surrounds the completion of two new hotels. Louden commented, “These hotels are crucial for our county, providing more lodging options that will undoubtedly contribute to increased tourism.”

For more information, visitor information, or inquiries, please contact Anna Louden, Director of the Logan County Visitors Bureau, at 937-599-5121 or via email at [email protected].