Local Deputy Saves Grandmother


Sunday, while on patrol near West Liberty, Logan County Sherrif’s Deputy Zach Sheeley responded to a 911 call.

The call stated that a woman was choking and in need of assistance.

Just a few miles away he noticed the address seemed familiar.

When he arrived on the scene, he realized it was his aunt’s home.

Knowing that she was hosting a meal, he figured that it was a family friend who was choking.

Upon arrival, Sheeley attempted to dislodge the food and ensure the victim could breathe until EMS arrived.

He said it wasn’t until they arrived on the scene, that he realized the woman was his grandmother, Becky Barger, 76, of West Liberty.

EMTs had to use a tool to remove the chunk of meat from Barger’s windpipe.

Sheeley said he is thankful he was in the right place at the right time saying, “I didn’t realize who the woman was, I just went to work to try to help.”

Barger was transported to Mary Rutan Hospital by EMS for medical evaluation and released.

Listen in to that 911 call below: