Local Judge Appointed to Ohio Board of Professional Conduct


Judge Kevin P. Braig of the Logan County Court of Common Pleas General Division announced over the weekend that the Ohio Supreme Court has appointed him to the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct for a three-year term commencing January 1, 2023.

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct is a 28-member quasi-judicial body. It consists of 17 lawyers, seven active or retired judges, and four non-lawyers. The Board’s duties include adjudicating formal complaints of misconduct involving judges and lawyers and making recommendations to the Supreme Court on the appropriate sanction. Three-commissioner panels hear each complaint. The Board also issues ethics advisory opinions to assist judges and lawyers in maintaining the integrity of the practice of law in Ohio.

“I feel honored to be appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to the Board of Professional Conduct,” Judge Braig said. “The legal profession is a self-regulating profession. It is critical that this regulation be carried out firmly but fairly. I will make sure I am prepared for every hearing and will seek to do my part to maximize the integrity of the legal profession in Ohio.”