Logan County Community Recovery Committee Meets


Community leaders met with Helen Norris from the Logan County EMA Monday afternoon to begin the Logan County Long-Term Community Recovery Plan.

During the meeting, leaders discussed what can be done to aid the ongoing recovery effort from the March tornado that ripped through Indian Lake.  This long-term effort is aimed to help the community recover and rebuild. Committees comprised of business owners, leaders, and public officials are working to be able to improve communication between their entities and the public.

The group discussed many topics, including forming smaller committees to help manage public expectations and organize public information. As financial relief arrives from the state, and hopefully federally, the leaders hope to help business and private individuals. The goal is to be able to meet public needs and aid the EMA in assessments as needed. (The committee met prior to Monday’s announcement from Governor Mike DeWine that funding from the Controlling Board was granted to the area.)

Norris talks about the meeting:


Norris went on to tell the group that currently Indian Lake was stuck between long-term and short-term recovery. While cleanup efforts continue, massive amounts of debris, cleanup, and recovery have begun. Just one month after the devastation, Norris says the area is making great strides to recover.

To date, the Logan County EMA reports they have completed 1560 assessments of the area damage:

  • 278 homes were destroyed
  • 335 had major damage
  • 446 had minor damage
  • 295 were affected
  • 206 were not affected

Norris says that reporting is still needed on damages within the area. If you have yet to report your damages, you are asked to do so HERE.

The United Way of Logan County continues to meet with those affected to be able to provide support. They currently have met with 112 families last week and planned to meet with 120 this week. Their committee has agreed to provide up to $3,000 per household, and those funds can be applied to whatever the needs are that need met. If you have not applied for assistance from the United Way, please set up an appointment HERE.

The next meeting of the committee will be held next week. A public meeting is being planned for May 2nd at Indian Lake High School. Check back for more information.