Logan County Mayors Meet at Round Table


The Logan County Mayors Association met Wednesday evening in DeGraff.

Four area mayors were in attendance as well as elected officials and leaders from several county services.

Commissioner Joe Antram asked the group to reinstate Ben Stahler to the One Ohio Recovery Foundation Board. The board works together with other members from all over Ohio to work on education and rehabilitation for drug abusers around Ohio. Stahler was unanimously approved to continue his work on the board, even though his mayoral term will expire on December 31st. Stahler’s term is a 3-year term and will expire on January 1, 2027.

Economic Director Ben Vollrath discussed several grant opportunities for the group and offered his assistance where needed.

Helen Norris from the Logan County EMA talked about the upcoming total Solar Eclipse in April of 2024. An EMS drill is scheduled for early November to iron out kinks in routing and communication. The EMA estimates that the population in Logan County may double or even triple for the event.

Logan County Health Commissioner Travis Irvan spoke about recent statistics that were released by his office. Logan County is battling a mental health crisis and the numbers are trending in the direction of reflecting that.

The mayors went on to give their reports:

  • Quincy reported that they have been submitting grant requests to improve their parks and other projects within the village
  • Belle Center has a major milling project on State Street
  • Lakeview is working on water and paving projects and there are several development projects in the works
  • DeGraff has several milling and paving projects happening within the village currently, and the water loop and water treatment projects are set to get underway soon

In a round table discussion, several topics were discussed from elections to flood maps to grants.

The group will meet again in January.