Lt. Governor Jon Husted visits Ohio Hi-Point Career Center


Lt. Governor Jon Husted held a roundtable discussion with local business and industry professionals Monday afternoon at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.

The Lt. Governor was interested in feedback on the TechCred Ohio program.

The TechCred program allows employers to get associates further training and skills, from an approved provider, and upon completion, the employer can be reimbursed up to $2,000 per employee.

The premise is that associates who learn more become more valuable to their employers and will then earn more opportunities and increased pay.  The benefit from the employer is an associate who now has more skills and usually stays longer with the company + they get reimbursement from paying for the training.

Several local community members from the workforce were there to talk about using the TechCred program.

Ohio Ready Mix, Marker Construction, Honestly Clean, Nippon Express, and World Class Plastics all shared with the Lt. Governor their experience with TechCred and ways it can be improved.

Dr. Rick Smith, Superintendent of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center shared how they use TechCred for their own teachers and instructors.

The Lt. Governor chose to have the roundtable at OHP because he enjoys visiting career centers and says they are the most efficient, cost-effective way to a career.

Two students from the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center presented a gift to the Lt. Governor.  It was a wooden flag made by Tom Schmiedebusch, and Garrit Marshall along with their instructor Dave Marsteller.

The TechCred program is in its third year and Lt. Governor Husted says it has exceeded expectations. So far, there have been over 48,000 tech-focused credentials issued.

Locally, World Class Plastics shared they began the program in June 2020 and they have had 26 associates complete various courses. TechCred has reimbursed them over $70,000.

TechCred opens up every other month and the next round begins on November 1.

To learn more about TechCred go to