Making Fair a Family Affair: The Adams Family


This week, I will be spotlighting the Adams family at the Logan County Fair.

Parents Alison and Chris have four daughters — Kaitlyn, Emily, Lila, and Ainsley — and are proud to watch their three eldest participate in this year’s showing events. Altogether, the girls will show three hogs, two goats, and a steer, in addition to presenting their sewing projects.

Kate will be showing her pig, Blue, in the Swine Show on Monday and in the Jackpot Show on Tuesday. She will then show a dairy-beef calf named Ace in the Dairy Feeder/Dairy Steer Show on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, Emily will be presenting a market goat named Rose in the Born and Raised in Logan County Goat Show. Additionally, she will show a Pygmy breeding goat named Watson in the Junior Fair Goat Show on Thursday.

Lila will be showing her pig Belle and her barrow Thomas in both the Swine Show and the Jackpot Show early in the week.

Final judging for the girls’ sewing projects will also take place on Tuesday evening with the Junior Fair Fashion show.

The Adams girls with their sewing projects and animals

Alison, Emily, and Lila Adams talk about their routines, dedication, and the challenges they face:

The girls spend up to six months in training and preparing each animal. Ultimately, though, they find the process and time commitment rewarding, when they finally see their projects succeed.

Alison believes that the fair teaches work ethic, responsibility, and provides all who participate the opportunity to make an investment and take a risk. She reminisces on participating in fair growing up and names the ways she believes kids benefit from showing animals:

Good luck to the Adams family as they begin fair week!