Mary Rutan invested 25.8 million in Community Benefits in 2022


At Mary Rutan Health, we are committed to improving the health of the communities we serve. We have focused on expanding access to local specialty care services previously unavailable in our rural communities and sharing our financial resources, staff, and clinical knowledge through various educational, volunteer, grantmaking, and investment efforts. In 2022 alone, Mary Rutan Health and the Mary Rutan Foundation invested over $25.8 million in community benefit expenditures. This financial investment allowed us to have over 126,000 touchpoints in outreach and benefit initiatives while covering over $24 million in charity care and Medicare/Medicaid shortfalls.

At Mary Rutan, we understand that good health extends beyond a physician’s office or hospital. Because of this understanding and firmly held belief, our team has dedicated their time and expertise to multiple educational outreach programs funded by the Mary Rutan Foundation, such as free skin cancer screenings and blood pressure checks at many local events, free bike helmets for hundreds of local youth, participation in local health fairs, and countless visits to area schools to educate our children on nutrition, the risks of vaping, and how to stay healthy among other topics. We have also held multiple Active Parenting Workshops that educate new parents and caregivers on nurturing techniques that help children get a strong start in life.

Because we understand that each community we serve is different and needs vary, our community outreach programs have a far reach beyond an educational focus. We provide financial counseling, medication assistance, pediatric behavioral medication assistance, and much more to our patients, as well as athletic training services to eight area schools at no cost to them. We also strongly believe that it is important to support those in our community who want to enter the healthcare field of study. Since 1992, the Mary Rutan Foundation has awarded over $2.3 million to local scholars. These funds have supported the education of more than 1,100 current and future healthcare workers.

Mary Rutan’s commitment to the health of our community remains steadfast and focused. We will continue confidently tackling our community’s most pressing needs to better the lives of those we serve by sharing our resources and abilities with those around us.

Keeping healthcare dollars local allows for programs like these to continue and grow. As we continue to build towards a healthier tomorrow and transform local healthcare, look to us first for all your healthcare needs.

Submitted by Laura Miller