Matthews Lodged for Arson, Breaking & Entering, and Vandalism


Friday, officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department attempted to locate Amber Matthews, 38 of Bellefontaine, who was wanted on three felony warrants.

When they arrived at a home in the 400 block of Sandusky Avenue, Matthews was seen, through a window, standing in the kitchen.

Several units arrived on the scene to assist.

When officers knocked on the door, Matthews’s mother claimed that she was not inside the home and denied officers consent to search inside.

The mother was warned that she could also be arrested if she continued to lie to officers.

She then admitted that Matthews was upstairs, and then took a child and left the residence.

Officers searched for Matthews on the bottom floor of the home and found it to be empty.

They then ordered her to come downstairs but received no response.

After several minutes, officers advanced up to the second floor of the home where they found Matthews to be hidden in an attic area.

They demanded her to come down however she refused.

Officers informed Matthews that if she did not come out they would have to forcibly remove her.

Matthews then exited the attic area of the home, was successfully arrested, and transported to the Logan County Jail.

She was lodged on her outstanding felony warrants for Arson, Breaking and Entering, Vandalism, and a new charge of felony Obstructing Official Business.