Mullins Lodged on Drug Charges


Saturday, Logan County Sheriff Deputies saw a vehicle driving on State Route 235 in Lakeview that had overly dark window tint.

When they initiated a traffic stop, they identified the driver as Craig Whitson, 53, of Plain City.

As deputies spoke with Whitson, they noticed that his responses were hurried.

The passenger was identified as Sherry Mullins, 46, of Columbus.

She showed several signs of drug use.

Whitson was then asked to step out of the vehicle to speak with deputies.

He complied and was asked if a vehicle search could be conducted, and he agreed.

Mullins was then asked to step out of the vehicle.

She admitted to deputies that her purse contained crack pipes.

During the vehicle search, several glass pipes, a metal pipe, a white straw, aluminum foil containing drug residue, and a chore boy were all found in Mullins’s purse.

She was then placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mullins was transported to the Logan County Jail where she was lodged on her charge.