Pete Blank Brings the Magic of Disney to Local Leaders


Thursday morning, the Logan County Chamber of Commerce hosted a Signature Event – Magic of Disney: Lessons in Leadership & Employee Engagement with Pete Blank.

Over 300 local business leaders sat at the Holland Theatre to listen to Blank give them a few lessons about leadership and employee engagement by focusing on what he calls, the “JOBS” Model.

Blank explains the “JOBS” model:

Blank has been entertaining audiences with his high-energy presentations for over 20 years.

As a leadership expert and training manager, Pete Blank works with companies that want to create engaged employees, successful leaders, and loyal customers.

His “Pete’s Points” video leadership lessons reach over 8,000 people each week, while his “Pete’s Points” daily audio briefing has thousands of subscribers in multiple countries.

For 13 years, he worked with The Walt Disney Company where he developed and delivered career development programs for over 55,000 Cast Members.

Blank went on to say it takes more than money to motivate, inspire, and engage employees.

New options such as hybrid work, flexible scheduling, and unlimited PTO, while helpful, still may not be key drivers of employee engagement.

He encouraged leader to get to know their employees outside of work, and most of all don’t forget to have fun and think outside the box.

Blank went on to talk about morale in today’s workplace:

“The value of managers having more one-on-one discussions with workers, even just 15 minutes a week, helps learn more about them and what their needs are,” Blank went on to say “That will help you build a culture around them and be that leader, then they will say they have high morale because they talk to me, they communicate with me, they listen to me, they ask my opinion…That’s the important stuff”

Blanks talks about the number one thing leaders can do to facilitate things in the workplace… transparency is key: