Russells Point teen arrested for OVI


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to Taco Bell in reference to a report of an operator of a Honda Pilot believed to be impaired Saturday morning around 2:50. The caller stated the vehicle missed the driveway, had to back into the parking lot across the street, then pulled into the restaurant. The caller also stated there were numerous occupants who were believed to be juveniles.

Upon arrival, police observed the vehicle in the drive-thru with the driver, who appeared to be a juvenile male, hanging out the window.

The vehicle left Taco Bell, exiting from the entrance-only driveway which was clearly marked. The vehicle proceeded through Bellefontaine, making wide and narrow turns. The vehicle also drove over the solid white bar and double-yellow centerline and drove in the center of Wright Street.

A traffic stop was initiated.

Owen Wyne, 17, was identified as the driver.

When asked if he had an issue pulling into Taco Bell, Wyne initially said no, then stated he said he missed the turn and had to back up. When asked, he said there was no reason his eyes were bloodshot and glossy and that he had not consumed any alcohol or drugs, including marijuana.

Officers observed a vape device in the center console. Wyne stated it belonged to the registered owner of the vehicle. The front seat passenger, Hannah Poe, stated she vapes.

Wyne exited the vehicle and the following juvenile passengers were identified: Hannah Poe (17), Lavonte Mundy (14), Cyrus Hoge (14), Tahleyah Mundy (15), and Christopher Eley (13).

While speaking with Wyne, he admitted to knowing he only had a temporary permit and should not have been driving. He thought that it was midnight, but it was approximately 3 am. Wyne smiled and stated “yea, sorry” and attempted to explain one of the occupants had to babysit and he was giving her a ride. He said the other passengers just wanted to go for a ride with him.

Wyne agreed to perform field sobriety tests and failed.

When asked where Wyne was before going to Taco Bell, he stated he was at Heritage Court Apartments and said he was hanging out with his friends.

Wyne admitted to smoking marijuana approximately three hours prior and stated it was a joint. He said he smoked outside of the apartment at Heritage Court.

Wyne was arrested for OVI.

He was transported to the Bellefontaine Police Department. He agreed to a breath test and his BAC yielded a 0.032.

Wyne was arrested for OVI, OVI (underage with breath test above 0.02), no operator’s license, traffic control devices, improper turn, marked lanes, and curfew.

He was released to his mother.

The five juvenile passengers were also transported and released. They were each charged with curfew.