The Library Kindness Project


When scrolling through social media recently, I stumbled across an interesting post.

The Library Kindness Project.

Here’s the backstory.

Last year UrbaneFarm was a part of building and maintaining the Community Gardens at South Shore Estates in Downtown Lakeview. This season they built and are maintaining the Lakeview Library Kindness Project.

They installed raised garden beds in front of the library. They planted Dahlias, Zinnias, and SunFlowers for harvesting weekly or twice weekly for free bouquets.

Some Milkweed and other pollinators were also planted to create a Registered Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

This idea and project was spurred by The Plant Kindness Project by Amanda Rutan who uses her knowledge and love of plants to create a community attraction from her sunflower fields and a gourd tunnel on her parent’s farm in Mechanicsburg. Her project inspires happiness and kindness in those who visit, causing a ripple effect of goodwill and good feelings throughout the community.

“Walking by our little library this winter, I had nearly forgotten we had such an asset in Lakeview, and the idea of a Kindness Project spurred me, to help grow attention to the library and bring a smile to the patrons and folks in the City of Lakeview,” said Eric Brown, program curator and UrbaneFarm.  “We are excited, and pending how it all goes in 2023, would love to pitch the idea to the Logan County Libraries about carrying the idea across to all five Logan County Regional Libraries, Once completed we could then pitch the idea of a Library Kindness Tour to the Logan County Chamber Tourism Group, similar to the Coffee Cafe and Ice Cream Tours. It would bring many highlights to the Libraries, I also feel strongly that we will be able to garner regional and perhaps national press about The Library Kindness Project in general, and doing a small part to bring smiles to the residents of Downtown Lakeview with free cut flower bouquets”

Brown and his crew are working on creating a Lavender Park in Downtown Lakeview. Brown has been involved in creating, building, and maintaining several Community Gardens over the years, including a 1,200-lavender plant park. UrbaneFarm has enlisted the help, guidance, and direction from IvyGate Flower Farm on a raising from seed Lavender Plants. Master Gardener Cathy Allen, owner of IvyGate Farm has successfully stratified the tiny seedlings and has germination in the first 300 seedings. These beauties will be tucked away in her greenhouse until the spring of 2024. With any luck, the 750-900 2-Gallon Lavender Plants will build a Lavender Park in the spring of 2024.

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, leave a smile & take a bloom or two, at the Lakeview branch of the Logan County District Library in downtown Lakeview.