West Liberty Council works to improve communication with Lions Club


The West Liberty Council met in regular session on Monday evening. Members of the Lions Club were invited to discuss the park’s agreement with the village.

The discussion was prompted by the construction of a new park building called Earl’s Place, to be used for meetings and storing records. It was named in honor of Earl Cushman, a longstanding member of the Lions Club, and materials for the building were donated.

The park agreement states that the Lions Club must secure permission from the Village of West Liberty before making any major changes to park property. Construction of the new building began prior to the village’s written approval.

The council discussed ways to strengthen the village’s relationship with the Lions Club Park Board to ensure members stay informed on similar park decisions. They decided it would be best to receive a report of park minutes.

The discussion ended with members of both the Lions Club and the West Liberty Council expressing appreciation for each other’s services.

Mayor Jill McKelvey explains the success of last weekend’s Summer Street Market and the council’s hopes for strengthened communication with the Lions Club:

The meeting went into executive session regarding personnel.

After, the council discussed Ordinance 909.03, which mandates the cutting down of hazardous trees. It was decided that council members would write a new letter to village residents, explaining why the removal must take place and giving alternative options for replanting.

Council then discussed plans for next year’s solar eclipse event. Members approved a $3,000 fee for the firework show, a $1,500 fee for protective glasses to pass out to the village and Green Hills residents, and a $450 fee for Elle A. Design to cover t-shirt, logo, glasses, website, and app design.

During the event, residents of West Liberty will be able to walk freely through the village parks, but non-residents will be asked to purchase park passes beforehand.

The council also approved a $22,575 payment for the repaving of streets East and West Baird.

Additionally, the council approved a $618 payment to help pay for two kiosks, to be placed in the village itself and at Ohio Caverns, for the purpose of promoting local businesses.

Beautification nominations for the village will end on August 14th. Winners will be announced on Labor Day (Monday, September 4th) at the festival at noon.

In recent news, the town hall is now officially owned by the Village of West Liberty after a quiet title transfer. Ownership of the building was previously split between the village and the township.

The new officer for the West Liberty Police Department, Jason Fishbaugh, was also sworn in on Thursday, June 22nd.

Ricketts Park flowerbeds were mulched and freshened up in the last week.

The next West Liberty Council meeting will be July 10th at 7:00 pm.

Other important dates include:

June 27th: Veterans trip to the USAF Museum, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

June 28th: Solar Eclipse Planning Meeting, 5:00 pm at the Opera House

June 30th: Business of the Month presentation, 10:30 am

July 9th-15th: Logan County Fair

July 15th: WLBA Garden Tour, 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

August 7th: National Purple Heart Day at Veteran’s Park, 7:00 pm

September 20th: the Vietnam Memorial Wall will be coming to Urbana

September 28th: Pink Out, 7:30 pm