Chieftains Roll Past London


The Bellefontaine girls bowling team bowled their best of the season Friday night.

They rolled regular games, shooting 952 and 903 for 1855, and added Baker games of 207, 172, 220, and 142 for a total of 747.

Their total was 2606 pins.

Leading the Lady Chiefs were Gracie Hood with games of 244 and 212 for a 456 series, Chloe Heminger with 225 and 226 games for a series of 451, Haylee Yelton with 187 and 169 games for a 356 series, Avery Mullins added 160-game for a 298 series, and Haylee Rutherford added 158 game and 294 series.

The girls are now 9 – 0 in the league.

The JV girls won 1921 – 1485.

Leading the JV team was Nevaeh Lafollette with games of 191 and 175 for a series of 366 and Isabelle Gunnett with 176 and 163 games and a 339 series.


BHS Boys Bowling bowled lights out Friday night against London.

Leading the Chiefs with games of 226, and 236 for a series of 462 was Senior Garrett Brede who bowled his high series.

Freshman Alex Moon had games of 221 and 176 for a series of 397.

Alex Williams chipped in with games of 191 and 185 for a series of 376.

Helping out was David Allen who rolled games of 193, 177 for a series of 370.

Rory Pierce added a 205 game.

Baker games were 173, 201, 233, 183.

JV won their match.

Jacob Lynch rolled a 202 games.

Timothy Phillips had a 176 game.

The BHS boy’s bowling is back in action Tuesday in a Bakers Tournament held at TP Lanes.