Lady Netters Fall to Kenton Ridge


The Bellefontaine lady netters fell to Kenton Ridge on Monday night.

The match saw the varsity fall by a score of 1-4.

The lone victor was the second doubles team of Ashton Carey and Rianna Fullerton.

  • 1st Singles: E. Baugh def Julia Easton (B) 6-0,6-1
  • 2nd Singles: E. Antinori def Alika Shields (B) 6-1,6-0
  • 3rd Singles: S. Clay def Jenna Snyder(B) 6-1,6-0


  • 1st Doubles: Eubanks/Delapaz def Kinsley Scott/Savannah Sheeley(B) 6-4,6-1
  • 2nd Doubles: Ashton Carey/Rianna Fullerton(B) def Smith/Skiles 6-3,4-6,6-3


BHS JV netters faired very well winning all but one of the reserve matches.

  • 1st Singles: Massie def Arrisa Carver(B) 6-3
  • 2nd Singles: Juarez def Sarah VanVoorhis(B) 6-0
  • 3rd Singles: KR by forfiet


  • 1st Doubles: Jayda Butler/Ava Dolan(B) def Hauserman/Moats 6-4
  • 2nd Doubles: Tiffany Boop/Claire McDaniel (B) def Hibbs/Gordon 6-0

The Varsity Chiefs travel to London on Tuesday while the Junior Varsity hosts London.