12-year-old Urbana boy charged with felonious assault

A 12-year-old Urbana boy was charged with felonious assault after he threw a pair of scissors at a teacher Friday afternoon.

The Bellefontaine Police Department responded to Mac-A-Cheek Learning Center and made contact with the boy.

He told officers he got upset during class for having to do some work and tossed a pair of scissors.

When asked why he threw them, the boy said he did not mean to throw the scissors directly at his teacher.

The teacher told authorities she was at her desk writing and heard a classroom assistant instruct the students who had not finished their school work to get out their packets and finish them before the day was over.

The teacher saw the boy crossing the room, but assumed he was going to his seat in front of her desk. The teacher went back to writing when the boy threw the scissors just above her head, leaving two puncture marks on the whiteboard.

The classroom assistant said she asked the boy to complete his work and he refused, throwing his packet on the floor before he went to his desk.

The boy’s mother was contacted.

She was told by officers her son was going to be transported to the Central Ohio Youth Center in Marysville.

The mother told authorities her son has been sent there before and had also assaulted another teacher in Urbana.

The boy was lodged in the COYC for felonious assault.

The report was sent to the Logan County Juvenile Prosecutor.