14-Year-Old Urbana Kid Charged with Attempted Murder


Tuesday evening officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to Oakland Square in reference to shots fired in the area.

Officers made their way to Oakland Square from the BPD observing several juveniles along the way.

A witness told officers they had heard gunshots, while another witness said that the boy in a white shirt had run down the alley behind their house.

Other officers from the BPD and deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene to assist in the search for the suspect.

A short time later, the suspect was located hiding in a bush.

He, later identified as 14-year-old Aaron Rollins of Urbana, was instructed to come out with his hands up, however refused to comply.

After several demands from officers and deputies, Rollins continued to refuse.

Moments later Rollins came out from under the bush and was placed in handcuffs.

A black handgun was located under the bush along with an extended magazine for a Glock handgun, a pink cell phone, and a blue hat.

Rollins was placed in the back of a deputy’s cruiser where he busted out a back window.

Rollins was transferred to an officer’s cruiser and taken to the Central Ohio Youth Center in Marysville.

Officers learned that Rollins had fired multiple rounds at Oakland Square.

One of the rounds was fired through the rear windshield of a vehicle and exited the front.

Three victims were in the vehicle at the time.

Rollins was charged with three counts of Attempted Murder, Vandalism, and Discharge of a Firearm.

Additional charges are pending.