Lima man arrested for OVI and marijuana


Bellefontaine Police arrested Joseph Kielman of Lima on multiple charges Saturday night.

Officers received a call about an impaired driver in the Taco Bell parking lot.

Police found the suspected vehicle parked in a handicapped spot and noticed an open 12-pack of Budweiser inside and a bottle on the passenger’s side floor.

Kielman denied drinking. The officer noticed his eyes were bloodshot and glossy and could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him. When asked about the beer in the vehicle, Kielman said it belonged to his brother and stated again he had not consumed alcohol.

He consented to field sobriety tests and failed.

While searching his vehicle, officers found multiple marijuana roaches, an empty THC cartridge, and a THC cartridge that was connected to a vape.

When he was placed in the cruiser, Kielman admitted that he drank the beer and said he had three. He also admitted to stopping in Lima for two shots before coming to Bellefontaine.

At the police department, Kielman also admitted to THC gummies earlier in the day. He consented to a breath sample which resulted in a 0.121.

Joseph Kielman was charged with two counts of OVI, open container, and possession of marijuana.