BCS Board Thanks Sanford in Final Meeting; Brown Resigns as Football Coach


The Bellefontaine Board of Education met Monday night and thanked an outgoing board member for her many years of service. Brenda Sanford is retiring after 24 years of service on the board.

Superintendent Brad Hall thanked Sanford for her many years of leadership.

Hall then presented a steel apple to Sanford.

Initially, Sanford ran because of her passion for education.

She reflected on her 6 terms following Monday’s meeting.

Brenda said restructuring the 4 neighborhood elementaries (Pine Avenue, Northeastern, Southeastern, and Western) into one elementary school was a highlight.

Sanford also focused on the mental health and emotional well-being of BCS students during her tenure.

Brenda’s husband, Jim, and their daughter, Kristen Lang, attended the meeting.

Lang was elected in November to succeed her mother.

Brenda, who graduated from BHS in ’76, will continue in her role as a mental health therapist at Light the Way Christian Counseling Center in Bellefontaine.

BCS Board President Colin Yoder said,

Bellefontaine Athletic Director Matt Comstock presented a fall athletic wrap-up.

Comstock announced that longtime BHS football coach Jason Brown has resigned to focus 100 percent on his role as the high school principal along with being a father.

Brown led the Chiefs’ football program for the last 4 years.

The ’23 football season was historic. BHS won 3 playoff games for the first time in school history, tied the school record for wins in a season with 11, and finished as the regional runner-up.

Comstock also showcased the success of other fall sports.

The girls tennis team had the most wins in 15 years.

The volleyball team recorded the most wins in 12 years.

Cross-country standouts Grace Brown and Hayden Maus competed at the state meet.

Finally, Comstock highlighted a livestream partnership with Horvath Productions and WBCS.

Horvath Productions live-streamed football, volleyball, and soccer matches throughout the fall.

WBCS students gained hands-on experience during these broadcasts.

The board approved their meeting schedule for 2024.

Board meetings will be held on January 8th, February 12th, March 11th, April 15th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, and December 9th.

The board accepted a donation of several tons of gravel along with the hauling expense from Neer’s Sand and Gravel.

In personnel, BES physical education teacher Fame Faler resigned on November 17th.

The following teachers were approved as substitutes for the second semester of ’23-’24:

  • Tori-Ann Bailey
  • Madeline Baird
  • Rosalind Brown
  • Gay Brunswick
  • Vanessa Bumgardner
  • Lillie Elliot
  • Kristen Elton
  • Phil Forsythe
  • Frank Giannola
  • Tricia Hefner
  • Joseph Kost
  • Linda McQuinley
  • Kristy Mount
  • Mikael Neeley
  • Beth Powers
  • Madison Rader
  • Tom Rose
  • Heather Shaw
  • Joni Siler
  • Karl Smith
  • Mary Smith
  • Sara Stahler
  • Sharon Traul
  • Virginia Viveros
  • Mark Wahl
  • April White
  • Maureen Yoder

The following were approved for the second semester of ’23-’24 under the Ohio 1 year temporary non- bachelor’s substitute teaching license:

  • Avani Abhyankar
  • Abbi Adelsberger
  • Sophie Adelsberger
  • Totiayana Bailey
  • Ally Barker
  • Joseph Boop
  • Trista Denbow
  • Delmar Fogan
  • Katherine Furr
  • Aliya Furton
  • Karis Garcia
  • Ian Higgins
  • Landon Kelley
  • Cadence Latimer
  • Kristin Lowe
  • Laney Mitchell
  • Riley Myers
  • Julia Nelson
  • Beth Overs
  • Boris Pattison
  • Joslyn Robinson
  • Polly Rodenhausen
  • Caitlyn Shumaker
  • Owen Standley
  • Aubrey Stolly
  • Tayteum Vigansky
  • Gwendolyn Walters
  • Kamryn Webb

In other personnel, Tami Hardin was approved as a substitute educational aide.
Alysia Kuba was approved as a substitute nurse.
Several supplemental contracts were approved, including:

  • Maverick Aldo – Musical Production Assistant
  • Jere Daniels – Musical Production Assistant (50 percent)
  • Keri Fergus – Musical Production Assistant
  • Robin Henry – Musical Production Assistant (50 percent)
  • Brian Hogan – Musical Production Assistant
  • The following volunteer coaches were approved:
  • Damon Dixon – High School Boys Wrestling
  • Chelsea Horsley – High School Girls Wrestling
  • Andrew Madley – High School Girls Wrestling

The board appointed Colin Yoder as President pro tempore for the organizational meeting on January 8th.

Finally, the board recognized December Seniors of the Month Alexza Clifton and Zane Tevis.

They each received an achievement pin and a $15 gift card to Ron’s Pizza.

The next board meeting will be on January 8th at 6:30 p.m. in the Distance Learning Center.

The organizational meeting will be followed by the regular meeting.