Beatty sworn in as new Fire Chief of DeGraff


The Village of DeGraff Council met in regular session Tuesday evening.

Greg Beatty was appointed and sworn in as the village’s new Fire Chief. Beatty has been with the DeGraff Volunteer Fire Department since 2000 and has been the Assistant Chief for the last several years.

Other village updates were also given. The water treatment plan is running on schedule, and the $50,000 grant for the generator was secured.

Roof quotes for the DeGraff City Building are coming.

Pool fees were upped to $35.

Council members discussed the placement of the new adult exercise equipment and decided that the shaded area near the cabin in DeGraff Park would be best.

Four new ordinances were passed. They are as follows:

Ordinance 2023-24 — An Ordinance repealing and replacing all prior Ordinances prohibiting the growing of noxious weeds in the Village and declaring an emergency

Ordinance 2023-25 — An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor and/or police chief to hire up to two part-time officers for the Village of DeGraff, Ohio and authoring the retroactive hiring of said part-time positions and declaring an emergency in the Village of DeGraff, Ohio

Ordinance 2023-26 — An Ordinance modifying the amount of compensation to be paid to officers of the Village of DeGraff, Logan County, Ohio

Ordinance 2023-27 — An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor and/or police chief to apply for and accept an Ohio General Ballistic vest grant and declaring an emergency

The new vest costs $1,066.

The next council meeting will be held July 11th.