Bellefontaine man arrested after taking woman’s phone


The Bellefontaine Police Department responded to a domestic situation Tuesday morning around 7:30.

A victim came to the police station reporting that Devan Driscol had stolen her phone and wouldn’t exit her car located on North Elm Street.

She said she was dropping off Driscol when he refused to get out of her car. She asked him multiple times to go inside his house, but he refused. She grabbed her phone to call the police and Driscol lunged over and grabbed her phone. The two then began to wrestle with the victim striking Driscol several times trying to get him to give up the phone and exit the car.

Driscol tried to keep her from getting out of the vehicle as his arm was wrapped around her face to pull her against him so she couldn’t exit. She then bit his arm to get him to let go and walked to the police department to get help and get her phone back.

Police went to Driscol’s residence on North Elm Street. He appeared to have dried-up blood around his lip and multiple scrapes and scratches around his wrist and hands.

Driscol claimed he dropped the victim’s phone in a random yard and he knew the general area where it was located. When asked why he dropped the phone he told police because the victim “beat the *bleep*” out of him.

As officers asked Driscol why he didn’t exit the vehicle when the victim asked him to, he said he wanted to talk to her. He told officers the phone was in the middle of Oakland Square Park. As officers helped the female find her phone, Driscoll said it was under the trash can in the dirt. The phone was found crawling with bugs.

The victim said that two nights prior, Driscol had wrecked her vehicle into a building so she couldn’t leave. The car was in his name so she did not make a statement to officers. That same night, Driscol had broken her old phone so she couldn’t call anyone to leave.

Driscol was placed under arrest for disrupting public services, a felony of the 4th degree.