Man with nine domestic violence convictions charged again

A Bellefontaine man was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge late Wednesday afternoon.

Bellefontaine Police received an anonymous call for a male and a female fighting. The caller explained they believed the female was being assaulted by the male.

Officers arrived on the scene in the 200 block of Pratt Street and were met by David Williams, 43, on the front porch, who was sweating and breathing heavily.

Williams was asked what was going on and he repeatedly stated “there is nothing going on here.”

Authorities asked where the female was and Williams stated she had left the residence.

Moments later, dispatch advised officers the female and her mother walked into the lobby of the police department. An officer on the scene left to meet with them at the station.

At this point, Williams tried to leave the residence multiple times and was advised he was not cleared to leave until they heard the female’s side of the story.

Williams explained the female was upset with him when she got home from work because he did not come inside to see her. Williams refused to elaborate further on the situation.

Authorities at the residence were notified the female had visible injuries to her mouth and face from where Williams hit her.

The female told the officer she wished to pursue criminal charges against him for domestic violence.

Williams was then placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, Williams became uncooperative with jail staff and a physical altercation ensued.

Williams was eventually tased and secured in a restraint chair.

Back at the station, officers observed the female having a cut on her gum line and a possible loose tooth. The injury was bloody and fresh.

The female wrote in her statement that she got off work at 4 p.m. and Williams began arguing with her.

She reported Williams pushed her down outside the apartment. The two of them then went inside and that is when Williams punched her in the mouth and broke her glasses.

Officers ran a criminal history on Williams and learned he had been convicted of domestic violence nine times in his life.

He was charged with domestic violence of the third degree.

Authorities also noted Williams has served prison time for previous domestic violence charges.

The report was sent to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office for their review.