Bellefontaine man arrested for OVI


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were in the Hyland Hills Plaza in reference to a report of an alarm going off at a business Sunday morning just before 3 AM.

After clearing the business, officers observed a black van pull in and park at the west end of the plaza. Two males exited the vehicle.

Officers had been called to the Comfort Inn earlier in the morning in reference to the same two men. The caller stated the men were intoxicated and belligerent. They stood behind her vehicle waving their arms when she attempted to exit the parking lot. The caller said the men eventually walked away and she exited the lot, she also observed a black van leave right after that.

Officers asked the driver of the van, later identified as the arrested Brian Courtney, 43, about the incident. He denied being at the Comfort Inn. Officers advised that he and his passenger were identified, along with their black van.

When police ran Courtney’s registered plate, it came back that his license was suspended. When asked about the suspension, he stated “Never”.

Courtney’s eyes were bloodshot and glossy and his speech was thick and slurred, along with other signs of impairment. When asked how much Courtney had to drink, he said “None”. He then ignored the officer.

Courtney was placed under arrest for OVI.

When officers asked the male passenger how much they had to drink, he stated “Uh, that’s a good question”. He then stated he had a few beers and a few shots. He added he was not sure how much Courtney had to drink prior to meeting him at the Comfort Inn, but said he saw Courtney drink “a few beers and a few shots”.

Courtney was transported to the police department where he refused to provide breath samples.

After a records check through the Bellefontaine Municipal Court, it was found that he had an OVI conviction in 2019.

He was charged with OVI and OVI – refusal (at least one OVI conviction in the past 20 years).

Courtney was released to a sober driver.