Bellefontaine man fires gun in a park, arrested on a weapons charge


A Bellefontaine man was arrested on a gun charge early Monday morning after firing a gun in Oakland Square Park.

Bellefontaine Police were approached by two men, Devin Pettit and Devan Driscol.

Pettit told officers Driscol had a gun and threatened to shoot him. Pettit also told authorities Driscol fired a shot into the ground.

At the time, Driscol denied having a gun or firing a shot.

Dispatch informed officers they received a report of a gunshot in the area.

When Pettit walked over to talk with another officer, Driscol admitted to having a gun.

When asked where the firearm was, Driscol nodded toward a residence on the 200 block of W. Brown Avenue and informed police it was laying on the ground.

He was searched and officers found a blue and yellow pipe with chore boy in it. The pipe appeared to be consistent with something used to smoke crack cocaine. Driscol claimed it was a tobacco pipe.

Officers checked the area in the 200 block of W. Brown Avenue and located a black Glock 9mm handgun laying in the front yard. The firearm was found to be loaded with a round in the chamber and 13 rounds in the magazine.

Authorities ran a criminal check on Driscol and learned he was convicted of burglary in 2008. This felony offense made it illegal for Driscol to possess a firearm.

He was charged with having weapons under disability and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

The report was sent to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office for their review of additional charges.