Benjamin Logan Boys Participate at Buckeye Boys State


Benjamin Logan High School proudly congratulates its students who participated in the 2024 Buckeye Boys State program.

These outstanding individuals have joined over 90,000 alumni since the program’s inception in 1936.

Camden Spriggs shared his experience, stating, “Buckeye Boys State was an amazing week that for certain will be beneficial to me for the rest of my life. I had a fantastic time and would like to thank Belle Center Post 266 for the opportunity.”

Noah Stanford reflected on his time at the program, “While my time at Buckeye Boys State felt too short, I know that I made huge progress in not only myself as a person but in my love for my country. It has been made evident to me that patriotism is one of the most important aspects of our great nation. I would highly encourage anyone, even if you are not interested in government, to apply. The program is truly much more.”

Bryden Morris expressed his initial doubts and subsequent appreciation, “When I first heard about Buckeye Boys State I thought it was just a boring mock government; however, by the end of the week I learned what it truly meant to be an American patriot and leader. I would recommend to any underclassmen to accept the amazing opportunity to participate in future American Legion Buckeye Boys State.”

Participants from Benjamin Logan High School include:

From Belle Center Post 266:

  • Carter Lyden
  • Landon Stoodt
  • Camden Spriggs
  • Noah Stanford

From East Liberty Post 745:

  • Carter Yoder

From Zanesfield Post 599:

  • Liam Sweeney
  • Bryden Morris

Sally Stolly, Director of Administrative Services at Benjamin Logan Schools shared, “We encourage our students to spread the word about this invaluable program. Underclassmen should be inspired to follow in their footsteps and consider participating in the 2025 session.”

The upcoming 86th session of Buckeye Boys State will commence on June 8, 2025.

About Buckeye Boys State: Since 1936, Buckeye Boys State has provided young men with a unique educational experience, focusing on the operations of state government and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Sponsored by the American Legion, the program aims to develop leadership skills and foster a sense of patriotism among participants.

The Buckeye Boys State program has had a positive impact on both the delegates and the community.

The involvement of local leaders like Matt Chamberlain, a former delegate who returned to contribute as a counselor, speaks volumes about the program’s reputation and effectiveness in developing leadership skills.