Benjamin Logan Educators Selected for Prestigious ARRL 2024 Teachers Institute


Benjamin Logan educators, Gretchen Powell and Jason Smith have been granted the esteemed opportunity to participate in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) 2024 Teachers Institute. This session, to be held in Newington, CT, from Monday, June 24th to Friday, June 28th, 2024, will equip them with invaluable knowledge and resources to enhance their teaching methodologies. Notably, this opportunity comes with the exceptional benefit of all expenses being covered by the ARRL.

Amateur Radio stands as a vital resource in the education sector, aiding educators in preparing America’s youth for the challenges of a global, technologically-driven society. Through the integration of wireless technology in classrooms, children are empowered to become well-informed, conscientious citizens, and develop skills crucial for future employability.

The ARRL, a leading national association for Amateur Radio enthusiasts, has spearheaded an educational initiative aimed at introducing schoolteachers to the vast potential of Amateur Radio. The program is meticulously designed to enable educators to harness this resource effectively, fostering enriched learning experiences for their students.

In line with its commitment to advancing educational opportunities, ARRL proudly announces the launch of the Classroom Electronic Equipment (CEE) grant in 2024. This grant offers educators a pathway to supplement their teaching related to wireless technology with specific electronic equipment tailored to enhance classroom instruction.

Gretchen Powell and Jason Smith’s acceptance into the ARRL 2024 Teachers Institute not only underscores their dedication to educational excellence but also positions Benjamin Logan as a pioneer in integrating innovative teaching methodologies.  “Giving students the opportunity to become certified in middle through high school opens doors to a multitude of possibilities. Not only does it provide them with valuable skills for future careers, but it also unlocks access to numerous scholarship opportunities, some offering full rides. My hope is to empower our students at Benjamin Logan to seize these opportunities, paving the way for their success and unlocking their full potential.” – Gretchen Powell