Calvary Christian School Breaks Ground


Friday Calvary Christian School broke ground for Phase 2 of their school construction project.

During Phase 1, the school built a building on property on County Road 9, less than 2 miles away from their location on Rush Avenue.

The new building plans to house more students along with many amenities.


  • Visitors during the school day will enter the airlock doors and enter the building through the school office first. This will allow the school to easily screen visitors and check them in before they have access to the entire building.


  • The court will feature a wood floor and is high school regulation size
  • Retractable bleachers create additional space in the gym when needed
  • For basketball practices, 2 courts will be able to run horizontally at the same time
  • For volleyball- includes a full ceiling height as well as multiple practice courts that can run simultaneously.
  • For events: a protective floor would allow them to add tables or chairs to increase seating capacity to 1,000 people
  • Locker rooms are accessible from the gym
  • Easy access to cafeteria/concessions area, primary bathrooms, and secondary bathrooms near locker room area  


  • With folding walls, the stage can present to either the cafeteria or the gym side (we love that addition)
  • The stage would have sound equipment and would be used for chapel, assemblies, concerts, plays, etc…
  • Close proximity to music storage provides an easier setup for concerts


  • Equipped to provide full lunch service
  • Large enough to only need 3 lunch periods
  • Provides a large space that can be used for other purposes such as study hall or large group meetings
  • To be compliant with food laws includes a separate concession stand which will be in use for school events
  • Easy access to primary bathrooms


  • Large media center/library area. The library will become a regular class for certain grade levels
  • 1st-3rd grade classrooms at the bottom include a shared space. This can provide a quiet space for tutoring, make-up work, testing, or meetings.
  • Separate intervention area with a common area for tutoring as well as 3 tutoring rooms to help students that need to avoid distractions
  • Larger art room with attached storage area
  • K classrooms have their own bathroom and are located inside the official storm shelter
  • Enough classrooms to provide two per grade level, as well as a potential expansion to include the K3 program in the future.
  • Classrooms are larger than the current Rush Avenue classrooms
  • With close proximity to the Phase 1 building, everyone would be connected without having to go outside

Phase 1 Expansion:

  • Addition of 3 classrooms to phase 1 building which includes chemistry lab, junior high science lab, and one more general use classroom.
  • 1 classroom from our Phase 1 building will be used to create more admin offices to facilitate everyone moving to that campus

The total cost of the phase 2 project is estimated at 8.5 million dollars. The goal is to move into this building by the 2024-25 school year.

Link Construction Group will head up the project and it is financed by Middlefield Bank.

Current student enrollment of the school is just over 450 students, the new construction would bump that number up to 750.

Dr. Dan Braig, Assistant and Head of School, comments about the school and what this building means: