Couple charged with endangering children; Super 8 Motel room full of trash


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to Super 8 Motel regarding a welfare check on two young children Friday morning around 10.

Dispatch received a call from employees with Logan County Children’s Services who had received information that two young children were residing in a motel room with their parents. There were allegations that the room was unsanitary based on the smell coming from it. It was reported the children were rarely seen outside of the room. There were also allegations of mistreatment from the father toward the children in the form of verbal abuse and possibly physical abuse.

Officers arrived on the scene and met with the on-duty manager. It was learned that the room was rented to Elizabeth Black-Evilsizor, 30, who provided the motel with a Springfield address upon checking in. The other occupants of the room were her husband and two small children.

The manager reported that the occupants had been staying at the motel since April and had changed rooms once since their arrival. They had been refusing to allow motel cleaning staff inside the room for an extended period of time.

Police found that the male, Aaron Evilsizor, 34, was believed to be Elizabeth’s husband. Aaron was found to be wanted out of Champaign County for failing to appear on an original charge of domestic violence.

Officers made contact with the Evilsizor’s and their two children, a girl and a boy ages five and two, respectively, in the room.

Police, while standing out in the hallway looking in, could see ankle-deep trash on the floor of the motel room and trash piled up on the dresser.

Both Elizabeth and Aaron had an odor of uncleanliness/trash about them. The two children were found lying on the beds in the room.

Aaron claimed he had all intentions to begin cleaning up the trash prior to the police’s arrival that day. He said that the kids were responsible for ripping the trash bags open allowing the trash out onto the floor.

Aaron was arrested on his outstanding warrant. Dispatch confirmed the warrant with Champaign County.

Elizabeth was advised a Children’s Services caseworker would meet with her and offer any services that could assist her and her children.

Both Aaron and Elizabeth Evilsizor were charged with endangering children and unclean habitation. Aaron was also charged with his failure to appear warrant – Champaign County. He was transported and transferred to the custody of an Urbana Police Department officer.

This report will be forwarded to Children’s Services.