Fishing Couple Arrested on Drug Charges


Written by Izik Z. Cox


On Tuesday, Logan County Sheriff Deputies responded to a possible domestic depute. Patrol cars were called outside of Belle Center to reply to the call. Dispatch was informed of a woman screaming “Get your hands off of me.” The caller was approached by the Deputy to get further information on the situation. A description of a male perpetrator was given to the authorities – being a white male, wearing a white top and jeans, with tattoos on his arms walking into the woods.

Soon after, Deputies came across a blue Hyundai with its hood propped up. Sitting in the driver’s seat was a man matching the description the caller gave, and a woman in the passenger seat. After a conversation with the driver, the male was identified as Philip Wallace; and the female being identified as Billie Orich. Wallace mentioned in their conversation that after fishing in the area, the car wouldn’t start, resulting in him being frustrated. After calling for backup, another Deputy was speaking to Orich as Wallace explained that there was no domestic dispute. All the commotion was excused by Wallace being loud with anger, and stating that there was no physical contact with Orich.

After being told about an existing warrant from Hardin County consisting of many drug and theft-related charges, Authorities advised Wallace of the said warrant and told him to exit the vehicle and place his hands behind his back. Wallace, while complying asked Orich for his wallet (which was placed on the roof of the vehicle.) Another Deputy, watching Orich, saw Orich grab a black case, and quickly tossing it into the car. As a result of this, both perpetrators stated that it belonged to neither of them, but to a family member who was just with them fishing and left the scene to ask for help with the car.

Inside the case was a glass pipe and a piece of straw indicative of drug use. After prying, Wallace then admitted that the case was his. No other illegal substances were found after the car was searched with probable cause.

Wallace and Orich were transported to the Logan County Jail.

Orich was charged with a count of Tampering with Evidence. While Wallace was charged with a count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, along with his warrant out of Hardin County.