Higgins Arrested After an Argument Over Mashed Potatoes


Early Friday morning, Bellefontaine Police Officers responded to a home in the city because of a reported domestic dispute.

As officers spoke with Graham Higgins, 21, of Bellefontaine, he stated that he had gotten into an argument with the victim, over mashed potatoes.

He claimed the victim slapped him on the head and took the mashed potatoes from him because he put the crispy part on his dinner plate.

When an officer spoke with the victim they said that Higgins had hit them in the head with a closed fist during an argument, and then he pushed and punched them several times.

The victim went on to claim that Higgins had hit them multiple times a week and threatened to kill them.

Higgins admitted, in a fit of rage, he did threaten to kill the victim.

He was arrested and lodged in the Logan County Jail for domestic violence.