Howard Arrested for Taking Car


Sunday evening officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to the 500 block of South Madriver Street, where Tom Rogan reported a vehicle theft.

Rogan reported that he noticed the victim’s vehicle, along with her purse was missing. The victim was currently hospitalized.

Rogan stated that he saw Dwight Howard near the vehicle the night before.

While Rogan was filling out a statement with authorities, he saw the vehicle drive near the residence on South Madriver Street and turned West on Cantwell Street.

Officers went to initiate a traffic stop, pulling over Howard just behind Fazoli’s.

Howard claimed that he was using the vehicle to get to work and that the victim told him to return it to her home and leave the keys in her mailbox. He went on to admit that he also had the victim’s purse, however, she knew he had both items.

Authorities spoke with the victim and she stated that she was not aware that Howard had her purse and vehicle.

The victim consented to a vehicle search, where officers turned up a crack pipe, marijuana bowl and roach, and a spoon with an unknown residue inside the front pocket of a gray backpack on the front seat.

The victim stated that the backpack and the items inside did not belong to her.

Howard was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail, where he was lodged for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.