Indian Lake Board Discusses School Report Card & Other Business


Indian Lake School District celebrated academic achievement during the September regular board of education meeting after the recent release of the state report cards.

Indian Lake Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Underwood explained for the second year in a row Indian Lake Schools earned 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars on the school grading system from the Ohio Department of Education. Superintendent Underwood says teaching teams are still analyzing results, but they are ecstatic with the overall scores.

He said, “We exceeded the state average on every single assessment. Our performance index continues to increase and improve every year and we have a graduation rate that’s almost 100%.” He continued, ” Kudos to our staff for being such a hardworking and diligent staff, to our students for responding after Covid, and to our families for continuously supporting us.”

The board moved on to approve the following actions:

  • The Financial Report ending August 31, 2023, and Board Bills as presented
  • Minutes from the August 21, 2023 Regular Meeting
  • Estimated resources and appropriation modifications, approved the Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Logan County Budget Commission and authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor for calendar year 2024, accepted anonymous $380.00 donation and $415.00 Nancy Riegle Memorial donation to the athletic department, accepted $1,000.00 Dick’s Sporting Good Foundation donation to girls bowling, accepted the $600.00 donation to the Food Service Department for school lunches, and accepted $13,000.00 Indian Lake Football Club donation to the football program
  • Substitute Teachers and Educational Assistants as recommended by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center list dated 08-25-2023, approved substitutes, accepted resignations, supplemental contract change, game help, approved the High School and Middle School Thursday School Monitors, approved teacher and administration stipends, approved home instruction tutor, approved 21st Century after school program student supervisor stipends and Site Coordinator/Manager stipends, and approved Salary Schedule Advancements due to degree and or hours earned that have been certified by official college transcripts
  • Hillary Wickline as a Thursday Night School monitor, as needed, at a rate of $20.00 per hour
  •  Approved the FFA overnight trip to the Poultry Judging Competition in Springfield, MA, Sept. 15-17, National Convention in Indianapolis, IN October 31 through November 4, and approved the FFA overnight trip to State Convention in Columbus, OH May 2-3, 2024

Classified and Teaching Substitute:

  • Sheila Miller – effective 9/6/23

Teaching Substitute:

  • Becky Taylor – effective 9/11/23


  • Deanna Danieu – Middle School Custodian, effective last day of employment 9/22/23
  • Katy Taylor – MS Basketball Cheer Coach (was approved as a 50% contract)

Supplemental Contract Change*:

  • Ashtyn Jackson – was approved as a 50% contract; will now be 100% of the MS Basketball Cheer contract

Game Help:

  • Ron Borgerding

High School and Middle School Thursday Night School Monitors ($20.00/hr.):

  • Sarah Berg
  • Betty Kimball
  • Nick Tucci
  • Chris Burden
  • Sara Kinsey
  • Kelly Wagner
  • Dana Clune
  • Mike Maurer
  • Stacy Wisener
  • Jana Core
  • Jana McPherson
  • Dave Coburn
  • Todd Dietz
  • Missy Mefford
  • Karen Cordova
  • Rebecca Dotson
  • Erin Miller
  • Kathy Fulkerson
  • Lindsay Ross
  • Tracey Notestine
  • Ryan Lillard
  • Amy Fatone
  • Zach Overturf
  • Jen Ignarski
  • Jason Fauley
  • Alicia Pickering
  • Deb Metzger
  • Eric Finke
  • Valarie Rapp
  • Brian Claybaugh
  • Amanda Fulkerson
  • Mariann Reese
  • Matt Steinbarger
  • Christina Fullerton
  • Fawn Schulz
  • Nathaniel Tennant
  • Julie Grider
  • Amanda Strayer
  • Jamie Hampton
  • Mike Hunter
  • Morissa Sweeney
  • Jasmyn Inskeep
  • Lindsay Imm
  • Katy Taylor
  • Kelly Strayer
  • Andrea Jacobs
  • Brian Tidwell
  • Morgan Kaser
  • Mandy Tidwell

Teacher Stipends Paid from the Performance-Based Pay Fund at $25.00 per hour:

  • Elizabeth DeLeeuw – $650.00 for professional development in the yearbook, journalism, & artificial intelligence
  • Wes Hall – up to $250.00 for developing technology standards
  • Administrative Stipend for MRESC Special Ed Unit Supervisor Services (3-1-2023 to 06-01-2023) to Molly Hall – $500.00 and Erin Miller – $500.00.
  • Home Instruction Tutor – assigned to an HS special education student at a rate of $25.00 per hour as needed: Sarah Beres – effective 9-5-2023

21st Century Grant Student Supervisors paid at a rate of $30 per hour by Grant Funds:*

  • Erin Miller
  • Kelli Strayer
  • Karen Cordova
  • David Snapp
  • Dana Clune
  • Amanda Fulkerson
  • Paige Dukowitz-Holt
  • Matt Steinbarger
  • Mariann Reese
  •  Valarie Rapp Jen Ignarski Ryan Stanford
  • Lindsay Imm Jana Core Logan Miller Brian Sutton
  • Rebecca Dotson Missy Mefford Alexis Scheiderer Nathaniel Tennant
  • Lisa Borgerding Alicia Pickering Troy Shively Jessica Tussing
  • Richard Yocum

21st Century Site Coordinator/Director paid by the 21st Century Grant:*

  • Middle School – Eric Finke – $11,000.00
  • High School – Matt Steinbarger – $11,000.00

Advancement on the Salary Schedule effective 9-15-2023 by ORC:

  • Jamie McClelland MS+15 MS+25
  • Sarah Beres MS+25 MS+45

The next Board of Education meeting will be the regular meeting on October 16, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. in the Board of Education Office located at 6210 State Route 235 N, Lewistown, OH 43333.