Indian Lake Board of Education Hears About Solar


Indian Lake Board of Education members heard from representatives in the industrial solar industry and several residents who oppose solar farms in our area during their June regular meeting. Representatives from Open Road Renewables gave a brief presentation about the Grange Solar project proposed near Indian Lake during the public participation part of the meeting. They were followed by several members of the Indian Lake Advocacy Group who have many concerns about the impact that large-scale solar may have on our community. They urged the board to remain neutral on the issue. Board members listened to both sides and took no action.

In other news, Community Health and Wellness Partners CEO Tara Bair gave the board an update on the district health clinic. She reported the clinic served more than 500 patients, many taking advantage of on-campus mental health services. Superintendent Dr. Rob Underwood says, “We can’t say enough about Nurse Practitioner Breanna Detrick for the way she runs the clinic and for all she and her team did during the tornado to help support our families as we transitioned back into the classroom.”

The board approved several supplemental contracts for coaches and set meal prices for the 2024-25 school year.

Supplemental Contracts for 2024-25**:

  • Jacque Strahley* – Head Volleyball Coach
  • Julie Grider – Freshman Volleyball Coach
  • Diane Mouser* – JV Volleyball Coach
  • Marissa Davis* – Volunteer Volleyball Coach
  • Janelle Maul – 8th Volleyball Coach
  • Abbie Roe – 7th Volleyball Coach
  • Ryan Dickson* – Head Boys Wrestling Coach
  • Phil Mackesy* – Head Girls Wrestling Coach
  • Mike Pequignot – Asst. Boys Soccer Coach
  • Dallas Clary* – Head Boys Soccer Coach
  • Brian Levingston – Head Girls Soccer Coach
  • Emali Davidson – Asst. Girls Soccer Coach
  • Justin Metzger – Head Cross Country Coach
  • Renee Metzger* – HS Asst. Cross Country Coach
  • Kristen Glink – MS Cross Country Coach
  • Jonn Rapp – Head Football Coach
  • Larry Cascioli* – HS Asst. Football Coach
  • Thomas Taylor* – Volunteer HS Asst. Football Coach
  • Bryan Claybaugh – HS Asst. Football Coach
  • Isaac Bennett* – HS Asst. Football Coach
  • Joe Teague* – HS Asst. Football Coach
  • Alex Jacobs – HS Asst. Football Coach (9th Grade)
  • Ryan Lillard – MS Football Coach
  • Brian Tidwell – MS Football Coach
  • Michelle Parsell – HS Football Cheer Coach
  • Michelle Parsell – HS Competition Cheer Coach
  • Ashtyn Jackson – MS Football Cheer Coach
  • Dean Elliott* – Head Boys Golf Coach
  • Todd Inskeep* – Head Girls Golf Coach
  • Zach Overturf – Head Boys Basketball Coach
  • Josh Shelton – JV Boys Basketball Coach
  • Seth Bodenmiller* – HS Asst. Boys Basketball Coach
  • Nick Tucci – MS Boys Basketball Coach
  • Brian Tidwell – MS Boys Basketball Coach
  • Chris Burden – **MS Boys Basketball Coach
  • Yasmyn Inskeep – Head Girls Basketball Coach
  • Kaylee Shelton* – JV Girls Basketball Coach
  • Todd Inskeep* – Volunteer Girls Basketball Coach
  • Jeff Overs* – MS Girls Basketball Coach
  • Jim Even* – MS Girls Basketball Coach
  • Mike Pequignot – **MS Girls Basketball Coach
  • Hailey Even* – MS Basketball Cheer Coach
  • Lori Zarnosky* – Head Swim Coach
  • Gina Rucker* – Girls Bowling Coach
  • Jonn Rapp – Weight Room Supervisor – Summer
  • Nick Tucci – Weight Room Supervisor – Fall
  • Ryan Lillard – Weight Room Supervisor – Winter
  • Yasmyn Inskeep – Weight Room Supervisor
  • Jamie Ross – HS Competition Cheer Coach
  • Jamie Ross – HS Basketball Cheer Coach
    *Denotes Non-staff Member
    **Denotes that this position will be used as a high school assistant per the ILEA Negotiated Agreement.

The district accepted the resignations of Jana Core, effective May 31st, and Dan Thornton at the end of the 2023-24 contract.

Breakfast and lunch prices for 2024-25 were set as:


  • Breakfast $1.50
  • Lunch $2.75

Middle School

  • Breakfast $1.50
  • Lunch $3.00

High School

  • Breakfast $2.00
  • Lunch $3.50


  • Breakfast $2.50
  • Lunch $4.50

Finally, the board also approved a contract with Washington Township to continue the School Resource Officer services.

The Indian Lake Board of Education will meet again on Monday, July 15th at 6:30 pm in the Board Office.