Lakeview Council Handles Light Agenda


Monday evening, the Lakeview Village Council met briefly at the firehouse.

Council members heard several short updates including one from Zoning Officer, Gary Bias. Bias told the council that he has been fielding several phone calls about tornado recovery efforts and has issued eleven permits, including two rebuild permits and nine demolitions. He also reported that several properties in the village need to be mowed.

The village administrator, Dave Scott, reported that the tornado siren had been ordered and shipped to the installer. He said the village is at the mercy of the shippers. Scott also encouraged the council that a work session needs to be scheduled to plan where they want to go with rebuilding, including plans for a new village office.

Lakeview Fire Chief, Josh Oakley, reported to the council that the department received a $2,500 donation for the firemen. They are working on the details but hope to use the funds for something that would bring the group together with other firefighters throughout the county, and those plans have not been solidified at this time. He also said that several past firefighters have inquired about rejoining the department. Oakley then gave the council a draft of possible bylaws for the department, and requested that they review it, make changes, and return it to him ASAP. Lastly, Oakley told the council that $715 from a t-shirt fundraiser, through the Lakeview Friemans Club, was being discussed for disbursement. The original recipients no longer need the funds. A resident suggested that the funds be applied to water and light bills for people who are struggling to pay.

The council approved the first reading, by a 100% vote of Ordinance 2024-20: An Ordinance approving the Phase 4 Plat Maps of Woodland Park Estate, accepting and authorizing village officers to execute any and all plats and other documents necessary to properly file said plats.

Inquiries were made by a resident as to why the Lakeview tornado dump site was closed when it was originally believed to be open longer. The council referred the resident to Logan County Solid Waste, which is in charge of the site.

The meeting was then adjourned. The Lakeview Village Council will next meet at the firehouse on June 17 at 6 PM.