Lakeview man arrested for assault after ongoing feud with male


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 8800 block of Pine Avenue in Lakeview in reference to an assault Sunday afternoon around 12:35. Dispatch advised that the caller reported that Thomas Board, 61, hit him in the face.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victim and could see blood coming from both sides of his mouth, and his clothes had dirt on them.

The victim said that he was loading lumber into his trailer when Board began yelling threats at him from the intersection of Main Street and Pike Avenue. While he was loading wood, Board walked towards him down Pike Avenue.

The male told Board to leave him alone politely and turned away from him. Then, Board charged toward him and knocked him down, onto the roadway, near his trailer. Board put his knee in the male’s chest and began punching him in the face.

The male said that this has been an ongoing feud between them for four years now.

The victim said that while he was mowing last week, he heard Board yelling at him. He ignored him, and the next thing he knew, a hammer was being thrown at him. The hammer missed the victim.

Deputies went to 10675 Main Street to follow up with him. Upon arrival, Board was standing in the yard with no shirt on and sitting nearby was Board’s girlfriend.

When asked what happened, Board said that his girlfriend told him that when the male drove by, he flipped her off. Board stated that he and the victim have not liked each other for a while now and that he couldn’t take anymore. Board confronted the male and a fight began. He struck the victim several times in the face with his hands.

Board was upset the victim had called law enforcement after the incident because he wanted to handle this “like men on the streets.”

Board was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

He was charged with one count of assault.