Lakeview man arrested for domestic violence


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a domestic dispute at the 100th block of North Main Street in Lakeview, Thursday morning around 12:30.

The victim reported that Evan Harris, 29, had come home drunk and asked to go through her phone, then began picking a fight with her. She told police that Harris tried to break the phone, so she swung at him to push him away, after which point he started beating on her.

The victim also reported that Harris strangled, threatened to kill, and threw a knife at her. She stated that she was able to grab the knife and run for the door, then go to a neighbor to call 911.

The woman sustained multiple injuries, including bruises, a chipped tooth, a cut in the mouth, and a hurt throat. Police also saw blood in her eye, consistent with being choked.

Deputies went to the residence to speak with Harris, but he would not come to the door. With the victim’s permission, police entered and searched the house.

Harris was not found, leading authorities to believe that he exited the open bedroom window and went out onto the roof. After scanning the area surrounding the residence, police found two pairs of hand and shoe prints from where they believe Harris landed.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Washington Township Police Department looked all over the area for Harris but were not able to locate him.

A warrant was issued for domestic violence, a felony as Harris had a previous domestic arrest.

Later that same day, Harris came to the Sheriff’s Office to answer questions about the incident. He was charged with strangulation and domestic violence.