Lakeview man arrested for domestic violence and criminal trespass


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 13000 block of State Route 720 in Lakeview for a trespassing complaint Friday evening around 6:30.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victim. She said her ex-fiance has been at the residence that evening. She said she’s concerned with the people he associates with and the drug activity he’s involved in. So, she asked him to leave her residence and not return.

The ex-fiance, identified as Ronald Shoffner III, 32, exited the residence and then quickly tried to re-enter. They got into a brief shoving match before Shoffner pushed past her and shoved his way back inside the residence. The victim said that she believed Shoffner would have hit her if she did not allow him to go past her inside the residence.

The female said that Shoffner was very upset and told her he would burn her house down if he didn’t get the rest of his belongings. She emphatically stated he was making a credible threat. She also stated it made her scared he was going to harm her. She explained Shoffner has a history of retaliating against someone when he is angry at them.

The female said Shoffner has been picked up and dropped off at her residence by multiple different people she believes are involved with drugs. She stated Shoffner was recently arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia with another person who was arrested for drug possession.

She said she’s been letting Shoffner come to the residence since she had him evicted to spend time with the daughter they share, but she no longer wants him on the property. The female stated she and Shoffner were never married and there is no court-ordered custody agreement.

Shoffner was placed under arrest for domestic violence and criminal trespass.

He was transported to the Logan County Jail.