Lakeview man cited for OVI after injury accident


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a crash near Froggy’s at the Lake on Monday evening around 6:30. Hayden Storch, 43, drove off the left side of Township Road 293 in his Dodge Charger and struck a telephone pole after leaving the bar.

Deputies overheard Storch say that he “had way too much to drink” through slurred speech. Witnesses also reported that he had to be helped out of Froggy’s by a woman and, once on the road, burned out his tires, causing a large amount of smoke in the area.

Several officers reported that they had seen Storch’s vehicle involved in previous burnouts and crashes.

Storch was not wearing a seatbelt.

Witnesses reported that his skull was cracked open. He was transported to the Lima Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

While looking at the vehicle, authorities saw a tank of what appeared to be nitrous oxide mounted on the floorboard.

Storch was released from the hospital to his home, where he later told authorities that the tank identified was empty and had never been filled. He also stated that, prior to the accident, his accelerator got stuck, and he was attempting to keep the vehicle under control to avoid hitting anyone.

Storch was cited for OVI, failure to wear a seatbelt, reckless operation, failure to control, and possession of nitrous oxide in a motor vehicle.