Lakeview Residents File Lawsuit


Tuesday, June 11th, a lawsuit was filed in Logan County Common Pleas Court against the landlords of Star Homes in Lakeview.

After the tornado that hit Indian Lake on March 14th, residents of the mobile home park found that Colonial Mobile Estates LLC, owners, began demolishing homes without warning its tenants.

According to residents, some of the homes were indeed beyond repair, however not all were.

Many families had no opportunity to return and get anything that may have been salvageable.

An attorney with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Kristina Coen, represents 17 families who lived at the park in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks for residents to receive up to $25,000 in damages each.

The park had been cut off from utilities since the tornado, and in April, those remaining received a 30-day eviction notice, stating the property was no longer habitable and they had to be out by the end of May.

In a statement, Coen said, “Even before the tornado there was a huge issue if people got evicted or were displaced, they would end up homeless because there is just nowhere to go, so we were seeing tent cities popping up, this has just kind of compounded the issue, so we are trying to do everything we can to get relief for people who were displaced.”

Coen went on to mention that low-income housing in the area is limited.