Lakeview Woman Arrested for Cruelty to Animals


Alice Predmore, 56, of Lakeview, was arrested Monday and lodged in the Logan County Jail for abandoning animals, cruelty to animals, and prohibited acts for companion animals.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint from a homeowner in Lakeview on Sunday.

They told deputies that the locks on their home, which they recently bought, were different than the keys they had.

Neighbors in the area believed that Predmore and other people were still living in the home.

Predmore told deputies that she had moved out but needed to remove several items and a few animals from the property.

When deputies walked around the house, they smelt a strong odor of urine and feces.

On Monday, deputies responded to State Route 235 and County Road 88 to assist ODNR officers with catching a loose dog, that had come from the home in Lakeview.

Deputies put the dog down due to its severe condition.

Later in the day, deputies spoke with Predmore.

She told deputies that she had forgotten to take care of the animals inside the home.

This information was given to the Logan County Dog warden to remove the remaining animals.

Predmore was taken into custody on the above charges.