Large Spends Time in Jail for Resisting Arrest; Other Charges


Rayden Large, 18, of Bellefontaine, was arrested and lodged in the Logan County Jail Monday afternoon on assault, resisting arrest, underage consumption, and disorderly conduct.

Bellefontaine Police were called to a home on Kristina Drive because a man was intoxicated and breaking things.

Officers had been to the home previously in the day on the same report, however the man, later identified as Rayden Large, 18, of Bellefontaine, had left.

When they returned to the scene, later in the day, they found Large outside with a man and a woman.

As officers approached the group, Large became increasingly upset and yelled at the woman.

When he was asked to calm down by the police, Large began pointing and advancing toward the woman.

Officers attempted to detain Large, due to his aggressiveness and observed him to show several signs of intoxication.

After a brief struggle, Large was placed in handcuffs and sat in the back of a cruiser where he began to bang his head on the window.

As officers spoke with the man and the woman, the woman told officers that Large had pushed her, causing her to fall, and had spit in her face.

While en route to the jail, Large continued to spit, yell, and curse in the patrol vehicle.