Indian Lake Seeks Emergency Renewal Levy Approval


The Indian Lake Board of Education met in regular session Monday evening, where they voted to put an emergency renewal levy on the November ballot.

The levy proposed is 4.6 mills for each $1 of taxable value or $168 for each $100,000 of the county auditor’s appraised value. It is $2,878,500 in sum and, if imposed, will run for a period of five years.

Superintendent Dr. Rob Underwood explains more about the levy and the meaning of the emergency, and give a construction update:

Underwood also gave an update on the installation of air conditioning in the older portion of the high school. The project is on schedule to be completed by August 18th, but issues in the delivery of the chiller have delayed its delivery. This means that the building is unlikely to see the complete installation of air conditioning until early November, but a new ceiling grid and lighting will be complete by the students’ return on August 30th.

Surveillance cameras in the elementary school are also nearly complete.

The Indian Lake Music Boosters, a 501(c)3 which supports students in the school’s music programs, have decided to forgo executive positions and simply operate as a group. An update on the Boosters’ financial success was shared by outgoing President April King.

Throughout the school year, the Music Boosters made approximately $13,800 while managing the concessions stands. Their single-day Holiday Market event produced $4,200, and their annual car show made $1,300. Using these amounts, the group helped support band camp, purchase risers for the show choir, purchase many extras for music students, and fund scholarships. They begin the 2023-2024 school year with substantial funds and are considering the purchase of new band uniforms or show choir robes in the next year or so. King thanked the board for their support and was in turn thanked for her service.

Board members also discussed the need for an engineering instructor at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, as well as a new agriculture instructor at Indian Lake, through the Career Center.

In other important updates, it was reported that the school has achieved a record number of new students accepted: 383. Additionally, the general fund has increased due to changes in grants, while total appropriations have decreased.

The board also approved:

  • Financial reports and bills
  • Minutes
  • Estimated resource modifications (IDEA Early Childhood, from $0 to $5,609; 21st Century Grant, from $75,482 to $78,359; National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grant, from $65,026 to $72,777)
  • Petty cash funds (Elementary, $100; Middle School, $100; High School, $75)
  • Change funds (Elementary, $100; Middle School, $100; Food Service, $500)
  • Athletic Activities and Student Activities’ budget and purpose statements
  • Appropriations
  • Transfers
  • The substitute employee list
  • Teacher salary schedule advancements for Sheri Abbott, Ryan Lillard, Andrea Jacobs, Dan Young, Amber Shively, Mary Wolf, Sarah Beres, Holly Powers, Paige Dukowitz-Holt, Christina Fullerton, Brian Claybaugh, and Randy Page
  • The resignation of elementary cook Whitney Miller
  • Classified contract for elementary cook Genevieve Proctor
  • Supplemental contracts: Alexis Scheiderer as ILPDC Chairperson, Melanie Asman as Recorder, Jason Fauley as ILPDC Member; Molly Hall as ILPDC Member; Kelli Miller as ILPDC Member; Renee Metzger as High School Assistant Cross Country Coach; Brian Claybaugh as High School Assistant Football Coach (50%); Isaac Bennett as High School Assistant Football Coach (50%); and Dallas Clary as Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
  • A summer stipend, paid through Title IV professional development funds, for Kourtney Thompson’s CPR Training at Mary Rutan
  • Substitute bus drivers: Robert Ball, Dave Coburn, Winnie Donat, Robert Hill, Sandra Knotts, Brenda Mitchell, Josh Randolph, and Rob Underwood
  • Certification of bus drivers pending the submission of required documents: Harry Alltop, Tom Klofta, Rob Underwood, Rebecca Babb, Sandy Knotts, Steve Warniment, Robert Ball, Tamara Martin, Dan Young, Sue Ball, Brenda Mitchell, Nancy Beatty, Tonya Neer, Chris Burden, Mike Pusey, Lori Carpenter, Josh Randolph, Dave Coburn, Barbara Scherer, Don Dalton, William Shaffer, Holly Dalton, Patrick Smith, Aaron Dodds, Lynne Snipes, Winnie Donat, Amy Stevens, Robert Hill, Sandy Stultz, Amber King, and Ken Turner
  • Adding Officiating and Driver’s Education to the 2023-24 high school course of study
  • Breakfast prices for the 2023-2024 school year: Elementary, $1.50; Middle School, $1.50; High School, $2.00; Adult, $2.50
  • Lunch prices for the 2023-2024 school year: Elementary, $2.50; Middle School, $2.75; High School, $3.25; Adult, $4.25
  • A policy revision for Policy 0164, Notice of Meetings
  • The 2023-2024 Program Service Agreement between the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center and Indian Lake Local Schools

The meeting then went into executive session.