Parole violation leads to multiple drug charges


The Adult Parole Authority arrested two people Thursday for violating their parole.

The Bellefontaine Police Department was contacted to take Jason Bradley of Urbana and Jaqueline Bray of Bellefontaine at the Adult Parole Authority Office into custody.

Officers noticed Bradley was extremely fidgety and displaying signs of drug use.

APA Officers told police they found drugs in Bradley’s vehicle.

Bellefontaine Police searched his GMC and found a bookbag on the front seat.

Inside the bag was a pipe used to smoke meth and a rubber container and plastic bag both containing methamphetamine.

Officers weighed the contents at the department.  The plastic bag contained 22.52 grams and the rubber container 1 gram.

Bradley was taken to the Logan County Jail where later he was administered Narcan.  He was transported to Mary Rutan Hospital and later returned to the Logan County Jail.

Bray arrived with Bradley in the vehicle which led officers to charge both with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The report is being sent to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jaqueline Bray